Kind of an Album

by The Hard Maybes

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A sampling of demos introducing the music of The Hard Maybes to the world.


released July 18, 2016

Recorded July 14th, 2016 at Arcane Studios

Ariel Melamedoff - Guitar
Nolan Smith - Vocal, Tenor Saxophone, Harmonica
Ryan Sherbo - Bass
Mitch van Ineveld - Drums, shouting

All songs by The Hard Maybes
Produced by Mitch van Ineveld




The Hard Maybes Winnipeg, Manitoba

The Hard Maybes are a five-piece from Winnipeg who bring together blues, funk and 1970s prog-rock influences.

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Track Name: The Fall (demo)
I see the writing on the wall,
That pride it comes before my fall
But I can't wait another day,
Fly to the sun, don't fade away... Yeah!

I hear the sky calling my name,
And every day feels all the same
So as I rise above them all,
I feel the heat deep in my soul, ye-eah!

Fly to the sun, my hero,
Fly to the sky, my son!
No fire can melt your dreams now,
No fall can kill your soul!
Fly to the sun, my hero,
Fly to the sky, my son!
Your memory lives forever,
One thousand lives in one!

Fly to the sun, my hero,
Fly to the sky, my son!
Fly to the sky, my hero,
Fly to the sun!
Track Name: War Next Door (demo)
Looking out my window can hear them through the pouring rain
The way the two are screamin sounds like a baby demon in pain
Through hail storms and the lightning I hear my neighbours fighting again

He says “I love you baby,” that he treats her like a lady
Despite the pain she’s feeling she’ll love him at the end of the day
But tonight she’s really had it, tonight there will be hell to pay—Yeah!

There’s a war next door my feet are nailed to the floor
I Shoulda known better but I just want to stay
Emotions are flying and I’m really trying but I can’t look away Oh—no

Feel the ground shaking, like California quaking
I see the sparks are flying like Disneyland® on Christmas day
She say’s “don’t shut the door now, you know I got a lot more to say.”

It looks as though she’s winning, he’s on his knees pleading
“I’m really sorry baby, I’ve made mistakes what more can I say?”
You know she don’t believe him, but she forgives him anyway—yeah
Track Name: Feeding My Desire (demo)
I seen you, seen you looking right at me
But I know, looks coming from you ain’t free
You don’t know, you don’t know what you’re doing
I am the bacon, you’re trying to smell what’s cooking

You don’t know, you don’t know just what you’ve done
I want to stay, I also want to run
Loving you, sure was quite a feat
I thought you were healthy, but you’re just rotten meat

You went away, went away and never came back
And I heard, you really had a knack for that
It’s my blood, my blood that you are spilling
I am the chicken, and you’re my kentucky fried villain